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We promise to make you smile, make you smart and make you SAFE! 

1/28/09 Larry Possien "Excellent, Informative"

1/28/09 Robert Holub "Good Instructor" Good Visual Aids

1/21/09 David Wilkinson "Taught Very Well - Knew His Stuff

8/23/08 Eileen Griffith " Made the course lively and interesting - It went by quickly.   

8/23.08 John Rachko "Made it interesting and interactive, the time did not drag, went fast. Real life situations discussed.

8/20/08 William E. Krause III "Excellent Coverage / Kept my attention / Interesting.

8/20/08 Anette Marsh "The Course was very informative, particularly for a novice.

6/17/08 Benjamin Litvinas "Great Job Pat, It was easy and you made it nice and simple.

6/17/08 Nicole Greco "Great expierience. I have full confidence in the instructor"

6/17/08 Clem Litvinas "Knowledgeable Instructor, covered a tremendous amout of material in a manner that made the coures interesting and not overwhelming"

6/17/08 Carole Vitale "Great Instructor - makes learning about boating safety interesting and easy"

6/21/08 Dennis J. Heard "Enjoyable Experience"

6/21/08 David Buck "Excellent Presentation. Knows his stuff. Great Attitude"

6/21/08 Dukagjin Binishi "Excellent Humor and simplified explanations"

6/21/08 Jack Park "He was very Good, thorough, informative, and made it easier to learn."

5/3/08  Salvatore Noto  "Personable, knowledgeable, authoritative, Professional, Friendly, and takes need for the course seriously"

5/3/08 Joseph R. Mucha "Spoke well, kept our interest and was very clear in explaining common sense scenarios"

5/3/08 Wayne C. Rutkay " I enjoyed the course - day went quicker than expected, enjoyed the instructor - kept material enjoyable and informative"

5/3/08 Robert Klingelhoffer "The instructor was great - he made it fun and informative"

5/3/08 Mark Brindley " The teaching was enthusiastic and kept me involved"

5/3/08 Theodore J Zawislak "Made it Painless"

5/3/08 David R. Sorace "Very well taught and instructor was well spoken"

5/3/08 Siana Starace "Very entertaining and Knowledgable"

5/3/08 Jeff Bebbino "Very informative and Pat made the eight hours enjoyable"

5/3/08 Wendy Saiff   "Lots of Support"

5/3/08 Todd Maier "Instructor was very informative and very friendly. I will recommend him to my friends"

5/3/08 Steven Dorry "Good refresher Course"

5/3/08 Weskey Chase "Well Run"

5/3/08 P. Colin Kane " Very good communicator, I learned a lot about boat safety"

5/1/08 Roger Allen " Excellent and made it very interesting...... knowledgeable"

5/1/08 Cynthia Disporto "Fun Learning Experience"

5/1/08 Steve P Yurgel " Learned a lot - very informative"

5/1/08 Scott West " The instructor made it fun and easy to learn"

5/1/08 Atabey Kucukkareca "Great Class, Very effective, Fun"

4/26/08 J Scott Kolesaire "Very interactive with students"

4/26/08 Dennis J. Jarensky " Very Informative, Would Recommend"

4/26/08 James J. Perrone "Very Informative, Good Idea for every Boater"

4/26/08 Stacey Redner "Very helpful giving us Personal Knowledge"

4/26/08 Eric R. Lobell "Very Enlightening and Interesting, Good pace, Some things I wasn't aware of"

4/19/08 Gene Gagnon "Thanks for covering the boat ramp practices. Lets hope this makes a difference at the ramp. Good"

4/19/08 Sean Wagner "Great Job, Well Organized"

4/19/08 Joe Grillo "Very informative and easy to understand - Great Job"

4/13/08 Robert Prelich "Very Good, helpful and Entertaining!"

4/12/08 Irene Coffaro "Great instructor and very informative"

4/12/08 John Maher "Very Relaxed and easy to learn from"

4/12/08 Demitri Parisis "Excellent Attitude, Very Good teacher"

4/12/08 Steve Grillo "Awesome Job"

4/12/08 Nicholas Iraci "Did not Just Read out of Book"

4/9/08 Russell P. Saletti "Excellent! The Instructor was Great, No One sleeping here! He kept it interesting"

4/9/08 Robert Jerzewski "Good Engagement and Dialogue"

4/9/08 David A. Moeller "Very Straight Forward"

3/13/08 Frank C. Moyer "Hey Pat, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. Not only did I learn a lot, but your unique teaching style kept the class fun and entertaining. Your knowledge of the subject helped me to understand some of the more difficult areas and gave me a thorough understanding of the regulations. I would strongly recommend anyone taking the course to investigate yours. It's an enjoyable experience you won't soon forget. Thanx, FM

3/22/08 Juliann Junio "Very Friendly environment, stressed important information. Very informative and enjoyable"

3/22/08 Brian Dressel " Very Friendly/well informed/relaxing"

3/22/08 John P. Olohan "Excellent course & excellent Instructor"

3/22/08 Gary Benko "Very Good Well Done"

Billy B. Gardner "Very well done & informative"

3/22/08 Fred Wening "Easy to Understand and Hear. Kept Interest"

Steven Honchar "Made it Fun"

Jaime Arbes "Very Helpful & informative. Thank You"

Sarah Schaible "Instructor was very personable and easy to talk to"

William J. Schultz "Instructors skill made course easy to follow"

Robert Paszkowski "Very interesting"

Geoffrey S. Fancher "Great Instructor-kept it lively & interesting"

Steve Laird "Material Well Covered"

Wendy Blumenstein-Elliott "Sense of Humor Good"

Tom Elliott "Very, Very Good"

Michael G. Post "Did a great job, Kept it interesting"

Eugene G. O'Neill "Great Job"

John E. Megaro "A very pleasant afternoon"

Kevin Naudts "Great, Clear Instruction"

Brian Dodd "Very Good"

Gregory Friedman "Very Good"

Albert J. Dodd "Very Good Instructors"

Anthony Demarco "Excellent Job"

Justin Miskar "Very Good Teachers, Explained thing thoroughly"

Marty Allen "Very Informative"

Steve Bassett "Made course very interesting"

Katheryn L. Costello "Excellent"

Darlene O'Connor "Great"

Al Pankowski "Great"

Richard McKee "Great Job"

Mary Bridget Schindo "Excellent"

James W. Burns "Made it interesting"

Andrew Van Rensalier "Very well done, Clear, easy to understand"

Richard Giancamilli "Instructor well versed"

Stacey Girt "Enjoyed the Class! Great Instruction!"

Karen Keri "Instructor made the material fun and valuable"

Charlie Keri "Was Great and Fun"

Eric Crespo "Great Examples"

Molly Girt "I had a blast! You ROCK"

Lisa Leonard "The instruction was excellent"

Mike Tomlinson "Outstanding Teacher"

Thomas DiCosmo "Very Good! Knowledgeable, and interesting"

Bryan T. Manning "Very Good! Has a great knowledge of rules and regs. Would recommend to anyone"

Robert W. Yamakaitis "Very Well Done"

Charlie Bianco  "It was very informative. I received all of the information I needed"

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